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Cookies can be used by websites to give you as a customer a personalized and more efficient experience of the website.
We also use cookies on our website, but if they are not necessary for our website to work, they will not be stored on your device, unless you give consent. Please note that if you do not agree, some features will not be available, such as newsletter forms.


In order to handle your orders and purchases, we need the following information about you; Name, address, telephone number, email, payment information and order history. As a customer, you will be able to receive e-mail / sms related to the orders you have placed.
For example regarding tracking number, order confirmation etc. In order to fulfill the purposes of our processing of your personal data, we share your personal data with companies that offer us their services, e.g. to handle the dispatch and delivery of your goods or offer certain systems. This is defined as a legitimate interest and consent will not be requested.


For e-mail marketing, explicit consent is obtained by registering your e-mail address in the newsletter form.
It is possible to unsubscribe from newsletters by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails.

We also collect some information through cookies to get an overview of statistics and activity on our website.

In the menu of your browser, you can delete cookies that have been stored on your computer.
Even if you delete cookies, they can be restored if you visit at a later time.
Also note that the procedure for deleting cookies differs depending on the browser you are using.
For more information about deleting cookies, go to:

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