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NAOMI is a samaritan, always sees the good in people. She easily trusts and treasures her friends dearly.

POWER: Clear Vision → Seer

Naomi is gifted with the power of clear vision. This magic is enhanced by her hawk familiar named Alpha. Alpha improves Naomi’s ability to see clearly during daytime, making her the perfect scout.


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HD_Boy Ninja_42 mm.pdf.png

DUKE is a born musician. He brings life to the people of Lys with his beautiful singing and music.

POWER: Enhanced Hearing → Invisibility

Duke is gifted with the power of sharp hearing. This magic is enhanced by his fox familiar named Duchess. Duchess improves Duke’s ability to hear even the slightest of sounds, making him a perfect spy.

AMARA is a healer and is immune to most diseases, poisons, and toxins.  She is kindhearted and loves to help those who are in need.

POWER: Immunity to Poison → Healer

Amara is gifted with the power of immunity. This magic is enhanced by her rat familiar named Ari. Ari improves Amara’s ability to shrug off diseases, poisons, and other forms of toxins making her the perfect leader for new expeditions. 


HD_Girl with Buns_42 mm.pdf.png

AARON is an athletic person. He excels in all kinds of sports and helps train other Sun Ring athletes.

POWER: Quick reflexes → Teleportation 

Aroon is gifted with the power of quick reflexes. This magic is enhanced by his weasel familiar named Mona. Mona improves Aroon’s ability to move quickly and deftly, making him the perfect warrior and thief.


HD_Boy with Green Hair_42 mm.pdf.png

MILA is the best dancer of all the Sun Ring people. She leads a dance team and spearheads most of the festivities held in Lys. 

POWER: Hide → Night Vision 

Mila is gifted with the power to move quietly and see in the dark. This magic is enhanced by her cat familiar named Sia. Sia improves Mila’s ability to move quietly and stealthily, making her a perfect infiltrator.


FB_Cat girl_42 mm.pdf.png

MILO is the fastest runner in Sun Ring. He has the best record in all running categories

POWER: Speed → SuperSonic

Milo is gifted with speed, making him the fastest runner in Sun Ring. This power is enhanced by his Stag familiar named Ram. Ram improves Milo’s abilities by giving him supersonic speed and hearing.


B_Cat Boy_42 mm.pdf.png

SEBASTIAN is an energetic boy and a natural leader. He is outspoken and is respected even in his young age.

POWER: Dragon Whisperer → Fire Power

Sebastian is gifted with the power to command and intelligence. This power is enhanced by his dragon familiar named Feu-feu. Feu-feu improves Sebastian’s ability to comprehend and solve complex tasks at hand.

With Sebastian’s support, Feu-feu will become the fiercest dragon alive

FB_Boy riding dragon_42 mm.pdf.png

AVERY is one of the best soccer players in Lys. She is the captain of the Elite Girl's Soccer Club.

POWER: Agility → Power Kick

Avery is gifted with the agility she best uses when playing soccer. This power is enhanced by her guinea pig familiar named Cavy. Cavy improves Avery’s ability to play the game she loves so much and bestows her the power kick.


FB_Girl playing soccer_42 mm.pdf.png

KONRAD is the best artist in Lys. His arts sometimes can come to life and his works are displayed even in the capital. 

POWER: Artist → Hypnosis

Konrad is gifted with the ability to enchant people with his art. This power is enhanced by his peacock familiar named Gatsby. Gatsby improves Konrad’s artistic ability to levels that when people look at his art, they are hypnotized and he can manipulate their minds.

B_Boy with Dark Hair_42 mm.pdf.png

OLIVIA is motherly in nature and is fond of children. She teaches little kids life lessons they can use till they grow old.

POWER: Teacher → Maester Educator

Olivia is gifted with command and persuasion in the most solemn way, making her the best teacher in Sun Ring. Children adore and love to listen to her lessons. This power is enhanced by her Hare familiar named Livy. Livy improves Olivia’s ability to educate, making her a maester educator in the process.

B_Girl with Blonde Hair_42 mm.pdf.png

MASON loves creating new fashion and styling the warriors of Lys. He loves to experiment different resources to create the best light outfit for warriors like him that also acts as a shield.

POWER: Skin Changer  → Camouflage

Mason is gifted with the ability to change the hue of his skin. This power is enhanced by his chameleon familiar named Doku. Doku improves Mason’s ability to camouflage thus making him a valuable asset to Sun Ring’s military defense.

B_Boy with Blue Hair_42 mm.pdf.png

RANA believes herself to be a mermaid in her past life. She loves water and is the fastest swimmer in all of Lys.

POWER: Swimmer → Able to Breathe Underwater

Rana is gifted with quick reflexes underwater, making her the fastest swimmer in Sun Ring. This power is enhanced by her otter familiar named Sebastian. Sebastian improves Rana’s swimming ability by making her breathe underwater. 

4B_Girl with Dark Hair_42 mm.png

RICO is Sun Ring's local hero. He helps those who are in need with his superhuman abilities and is Sun Ring's first line of defense against intruders.

POWER: Local Hero → Flight

Rico is gifted with superhuman abilities that enables him to defy gravity and roam the sky. This power is enhanced by his Raven familiar named Eve. Eve improves Rico’s abilities by enabling him to fly in the open sky. Together with Astrid, they rule the skies of Lys.

B_Superhero Boy_42 mm.pdf.png

ARIA is one of the best seamstresses in Lys. She runs a dress shop that mainly caters to battle outfits.

POWER: Bewitching Charms → Enchantment

Aria is gifted with enchanhting charms and talent in styling, making her the go-to person for Magis who want to be seductive or sophisticated in Lys. This power is enhanced by her Calico Cat familiar, named Mawi. Mawi improves Aria’s charms and is able to extend these to the people she works with. People are enchanted by the wardrobe she creates.

B_Girl with Unicorn Hair_42 mm.pdf.png

AXEL is a natural-born entertainer. He is the best singer in all of Sun Ring and can enchant enemies with his voice alone.

POWER: Singer → Pied Piper

Axel is gifted with hypnotizing vocals, making him the best singer in Sun Ring. This power is enhanced by his Snake familiar named Sasa. Sasa improves Axel’s singing abilities by becoming a Pied Piper. He sings a tune, and everybody follows his will. 

B_Boy Singing_42 mm.pdf.png

ASTRID is Sun Ring's angel. She is good in nature and helps those who are in need. She belongs to the first line of defense when trouble comes to Sun Ring.

POWER: Angel → Flight

Astrid is gifted with the ability to fly making her one of the strongest Magi in all of Sun Ring. This power is enhanced by her Owl familiar, named Lolo. Lolo improves Astrid’s abilities enabling her to fly in the open sky. Together with Rico, they rule the skies of Lys.


B_Superhero Girl_42 mm.pdf.png

EMIL is known as the 'fire spirit' . He can conjure and manipulate fire at his will and use this great advantage in battle.

POWER: Fire Spirit→ Fire Master

Emil is gifted the ability to conjure fire at his will. This power is enhanced by his piglet familiar named Patty. Patty improves Emil’s ability to create fire, even in the coldest of places which is a very big help with long winters.


B_Boy Wizard_42 mm.pdf.png

FARAH is a born magician. Her spells are the best Lys has seen in centuries and her spells will give them advantage in the battle to come.

POWER: Magician → Spellcaster

Farah is a magician, making her a revered person in all of Sun Ring. This power is enhanced by her Racoon familiar named Roo. Roo improves Farah’s magic and can spell enchantments to her advantage. 

B_Girl Wizard_42 mm.pdf.png

STORM is a calm and logical person. People of Lys seek his advice when appointing people in power because he can see right through them and guage if they are fit or not for the job. 

POWER: Psychologist → Human Lie Detector

Storm is gifted with the ability to analyze people’s intentions. This power is enhanced by her dog familiar named Bun-bun. Bun-bun improves Storm’s ability to see right through people's lies and truths, thus making him a human lie detector.

B_Boy with Blonde Hair_42 mm.pdf.png

HARPER is a homegrown traditional dancer. She mesmerizes everyone due to her delicate yet sophisticated dance lines. She also uses dance to influence the gods.

POWER: Dancer → Influencer of the Gods

Harper is gifted with a talent for dancing, making her the most mesmerizing entertainer in Sun Ring. This power is enhanced by her Swan familiar, named Queen. Queen improves Harper’s abilities by giving her fluidity and a great sense of balance during her dance lines. Because of these abilities, it is believed that she has great favors from the gods.

B_Girl Dancing Ballerina_42 mm.pdf.png

BRANCA is a scholar and one of the most intelligent people in Lys. She helps in research and development to improve Lys' military weaponry.

POWER: Scholar → Genuis 

Branca is a genius, making her the most intelligent person in Sun Ring. This power is enhanced by her Golden Eagle familiar, named Sky. Sky improves Branca’s abilities by enhancing her thinking abilities making her the perfect person to lead research and development in all of Lys. 


B_Race Driver Girl_42 mm.pdf.png

KAI is best with knives. He is considered one of the best hunters in all of Lys because he mastered the art of wielding a knife. 

POWER: Knife Wielder → Invisible Shield

Kai is gifted with wielding knives, making him one of Sun Ring’s best hunters. This power is enhanced by his Porcupine familiar named Spike. Spike improves Kai’s abilities by giving him a defensive aura around him to keep him from harm. This defensive shield is invisible to the naked eye.

B_Ninja Boy 2_42 mm.pdf.png

EMBLA  is best with daggers. Dubbed the resident ninja, she often attacks in long-range using her deadly daggers.

POWER: Dagger Wielder → Self-healing Power

Embla is gifted with wielding poisonous daggers, making her the most feared ninja in Sun Ring. This power is enhanced by her toad familiar named Pog. Pog improves Embla’s abilities by giving her self-healing powers which means she is able to sustain more wounds than normal people.


B_Ninja Girl 2_42 mm.pdf.png

NOA is the captain of the Boys Football Club in Lys. He is also the best male striker in his team.

POWER: Strength → Super Striker

Noa is gifted with strength, making him the best striker in Sun Ring's male football club. This power is enhanced by his Chital familiar, named Spot. Spot improves Noa’s abilities by giving him superkick and speed during games.

B_Soccer Boy 2_42 mm.pdf.png
OLE is another member of the Elite Soccer Club in Lys. He is the best defender and has the best stamina amongst all the players.

POWER: Strength → Super Defender

Ole is gifted with strength and stamina, making him the best defender in Sun Ring's male soccer team. This power is enhanced by his Red Deer Familiar named Seve. Seve improves Ole’s abilities by giving him super strength and speed during games.
B_Soccer Boy 1_42 mm.pdf.png
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