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The Lore

At the beginning of time, the people of Lys thrived in harmony and serenity. The people of Lys called Magis, are majestic beings that lived above the clouds under the rule of Himel, the most powerful Magi of them all.

But just like with any other race, greed and envy always find a way to break and weaken even the strongest bonds.

When Grunn, the second most powerful Magi, started to challenge Himel’s authority and hunt down innocent Magis to gain power, a war ensued in Lys.

When Himel won the fight, Grunn and his men were thrown out of Lys and forced to hide in Esvar, the darkest and coldest place in the world. The Magis that could not decide who to follow left Lys for good and took refuge in Jorden, the land in between.

Thousands of years later, the war between the once-united Magis is still far from over.

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The descendants of Himel are now known as Sun Ring; still the serene and kind Magis they were known to be. They use their power to help others, are selfless, and always lead with love.

The descendants of Jorden are now known as Sky Ring; stuck between doing good and doing evil. They are easily corrupted and care for themselves first before others.

Esvar embraced the Dark Ring people. The void and constant darkness made their hearts even colder. Through time, they lost themselves and their personalities. They became vicious, only knowing how to conquer and destroy.

Sun Ring and Sky Ring constantly warred against each other, while Dark Ring wanted to conquer all of them. It’s only a matter of time before the ‘great battle’ begins and consumes them all.

When a Magi is born, their fate is already sealed. Each is bestowed with a "Halo Ring" that feeds from their inner magic and color that signifies their lineage- Yellow for Sun Ring, Blue for Sky Ring, and Purple for Dark Ring. But in some special cases, magis are born without a Halo Ring, and they spend their lives searching until they find it and finally fulfill their destiny.

Magis are also soul-bonded with ‘Familiars’- animal-shaped spirits that become their partners for life. Just like the rings, Familiars also thrive from their soulmate’s magic. And together, they become a force to be reckoned with.

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With the Great Battle threatening their world, Sun Ring and Sky Ring must unite to defeat their common enemy, the Dark Ring. Grunn’s hatred towards Himel pushes him to do the unthinkable- to hunt down all Magis, collect their rings, absorb their magic, and utilize them to make himself the most powerful villain the world has ever seen.

And so the battle begins.

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