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Our vision for FLOPS is to see kids engaged in a game that gives them the opportunity to socialize, learn to negotiate with each other and feel what it`s like to win and lose.

We want to give children a balance between physical and digital play. 

With FLOPS you can play anywhere, anytime.


Have you read the story about the Magis of Sun Ring, Sky Ring and the Dark Rings? Our products out now contain the characters from Sun Ring and Sky Ring that need protection from your opponent. Find your favorites!

We will soon introduce you to the Dark Ring Magis and all other Magis’ Familiars! 


#FliptheFlop is played like the traditional Milk Cap game that was invented in Hawaii in the 1920’s. The game’s roots can also be traced all the way back to the 17th Century in Japan with the card game Menko. You may be more familiar with the game from the 90s. The goal is to Flip the Flop cards around with the Hitter in order to win them.

#FlicktheFlop is a totally new way to play where you use the tracks

on the Flops Hitter to flick down your opponent’s Flops cards.

Can you flick them down? Then you’ve won them!

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